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How to report qualitative research?

Contribution by NA
Sep 22, 2015

Brief Description

Research team and reflexivity Study design Setting Data collection Analysis and findings

Detail Description

Research team and reflexivity
• Interviewer/facilitator: Which author/s conducted the interview or focus group?
• Credentials:What were the researcher’s credentials? E.g. PhD, MD
• Occupation: What was their occupation at the time of the study?
• Gender:Was the researcher male or female?
• Experience and training:What experience or training did the researcher have?

Study design
• Methodological orientation and Theory: What methodological orientation was stated to underpin the study? e.g. grounded theory, discourse analysis, ethnography, phenomenology, content analysis
• Participant selection, Sampling: How were participants selected? e.g. purposive, convenience, consecutive, snowball
• Method of approach: How were participants approached? e.g. face-to-face, telephone, mail, email
• Sample size: How many participants were in the study?
• Non-participation:How many people refused to participate or dropped out? Reasons?

• Setting of data collection:Where was the data collected? e.g. home, clinic, workplace
• Presence of non-participants:Was anyone else present besides the participants and researchers?
• Description of sample:What are the important characteristics of the sample? e.g. demographic data, date

Data collection
• Interview guide:Were questions, prompts, guides provided by the authors? Was it pilot tested?
• Repeat interviews:Were repeat interviews carried out? If yes, how many?
• Audio/visual recording:Did the research use audio or visual recording to collect the data?
• Field notes:Were field notes made during and/or after the interview or focus group?
• Duration: What was the duration of the interviews or focus group?
• Data saturation:Was data saturation discussed?
• Transcripts returned:Were transcripts returned to participants for comment and/or correction?

Analysis and findings
• Number of data coders:How many data coders coded the data?
• Derivation of themes: Were themes identified in advance or derived from the data?
• Software:What software, if applicable, was used to manage the data?
• Participant checking:Did participants provide feedback on the findings?