• May 21, 2019
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Application For Credit Points

(For only single event Accreditation organizes by Non Accredited Institute/Associations)
Date :

The Chairman
IMA Knowledge

Sub : Accreditation of the Scientific Programme.

Our organization regularly conducts CME programmes / workshops / seminars for updating knowledge of doctors and we have demonstrated ability to plan & implement above programs to cover the targeted doctors. We have been entrusted organize the CME/Workshop/Conference by our parent National/State Association / Organization. [The copy of letter attached herewith]. Herewith we are applying for the Accreditation of CME /Workshop / Conference to be organized by our Association / Institute.

Brief details of our organization are as below.

The details are as under :

Name of Association / college   *
President / Hon. Secretary of the Association   *
Organizing Chairman / Secretary of the programme   *

Contact details

Person Name   *
Address   *
Phone No   *
Email   *
Date of Programme   *
Venue of Programme
Scientific Programme
Attach Document (C. V. of Faculty)

Kindly accredit the Scientific Programme.

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely